York Rehab is a multidisciplinary centre for physical rehabilitation. We assess and treat a wide range of painful and disabling conditions – from minor aches and pains to serious multi-trauma motor vehicle accidents and post-surgical rehab.

detailed-assessmentAt York Rehab our approach to rehabilitation is active and involved. We start with a detailed biomechanical assessment to find the root of the problem, so that we can treat the underlying cause and not just the symptoms. After discussing our findings with you, we tailor a treatment program to suit your specific needs and work with you to meet your goals.

Central to the York Rehab philosophy is our focus on education – both for ourselves and for our patients. Our professional staff are continually upgrading their knowledge and skills through post-graduate education; in terms of experience and knowledge they are among the leaders in their professions. And we feel passionate about passing on that knowledge on to our patients – teaching them how to manage their conditions themselves so they can heal faster and stay well in the future.

Appointments at York Rehab are one-on-one time with the health professional and each treatment plan is customized to the individual. Whether you require the services of our chiropodist (foot clinic), physiotherapists or registered massage therapist, you can be assured of excellent, scientifically-based treatment by licensed professionals, using up-to-date methods of practice in a caring and comfortable atmosphere.


We collaborate closely with family physicians and specialists, and many of our staff are jointly employed by Southlake Regional Health Centre as well as York Rehab, enabling us to provide comprehensive, coordinated
following injury or surgery.