At York Rehab we specialize in Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy. We are committed to identifying (diagnosing) the problem correctly, mending the injury as quickly and completely as possible, guiding the athlete through safe return to sport and preventing recurrence of the injury. Our physiotherapists work closely with the Orthopaedic surgeons in the Newmarket area, providing continuity of care from hospital to clinic, and guiding you safely through post-surgical protocols. Whether you are a “weekend warrior” or a “performance junkie” we are here to give you your life back.


Identify the problem:
Most sports injuries do not “just happen”. More often the injury results from underlying causes such as fatigue, weakness, technique or inadequate balance reactions. At York Rehab we identify these factors through a complete history of the injury and a detailed biomechanical examination. By identifying all the problems, we can direct our energies toward the most effective forms of sports therapy to correct them.

Mend the injury:
No athlete wants to stop playing! At York Rehab the goal of sports therapy is to keep you in the game, or get you back playing as quickly as safety permits. With years of experience and the most up-to-date scientific research available, we can offer you effective treatment strategies that are tailor-made to your body and your goals.

Sports therapy treatments may include modalities for pain or swelling; therapeutic exercise to rebuild injured tissue; manual techniques to loosen tight areas, coaching to improve quality of movement, taping or bracing for support – and education, education, education – so that you can take an active part in your healing.

Safe return to sport:
You want to stay active, but you don’t want to cause further injury. You probably want to know: When it is safe to do more? Is it OK to push through pain – how much? What is the best way to cross- train for my sport? Do I need a brace? As physiotherapists we can answer your questions and guide you safely through the process of returning to full sporting form.

Prevent recurrence:
The best treatment of all is prevention. By identifying the factors that contributed to cause the injury in the first place, we are able to correct them and prevent future problems. So in addition to treating the torn ligament, for example, we might need to work on strengthening core muscles, correcting muscle imbalances, changing the shoes or the training schedule. By fixing the reason for the injury as well as the injury itself, you can stay well and enjoy peak performance.

You don’t have to tear your knee ligaments to benefit from the expertise of a physiotherapist. You may feel that one particular body part is “tired”, “stiff” or “untrustworthy” compared to others. Or you may have pain every time you walk a little farther, or run a little faster, or throw a little harder. Many people experience similar problems and think this is something they have to live with forever. This is not always true. Many chronic complaints respond well to physiotherapy. In some cases the solution is as simple as changing posture, building up an underperforming muscle, or re-educating balance reactions. And the best part is that correcting a minor problem prevents a much bigger one down the road.