Virtual Care

Physiotherapy Services and Treatments

We Offer Virtual Care (Treatment Online)

Sometimes referred to as telehealth, Virtual Care is the delivery of therapy using videoconferencing technology.  This technology facilitates the ability of our therapists to connect with a patient in a one to one setting to deliver therapy that’s fully secure, conducted completely online making it very convenient for the patient, and treatment is covered by your health insurance.

Can Treatment be Effective Remotely?

Virtual CareThe straight answer is yes it can however, the needs of each patient are unique and it depends on the treatment approach required for the individual.  Virtual Care treatment is very effective as an approach when the rehabilitation and recovery goals are connected to regular exercise, self-managed care, patient education and ongoing observation.  With a trained approach and some imaginativeness, a treatment path reliant on those previously mentioned forms of care, a virtual approach can be very fitting.  Some scenarios in alignment with the virtual care experience might include injury from sport, chronic back pain, some types of orthopedic surgical recovery (i.e. total hip or knee replacement.), etc.

How To Get Started

Contact our clinic to discuss your condition in order to understand what treatment options are applicable to you.  A quick assessment will provide you with the green light as to whether you are eligible for Virtual Care.  If online care is a fit, the next step is to book a time that’s convenient for you, receive an appointment link which you can connect to via a laptop, tablet or smartphone (iPhone or Android) and you’re securely connected for your one on one clinical treatment.