Ongoing education is an integral part of maintaining competency in our profession as Physiotherapists. York Rehab is proud in its commitment to bring leaders in varying fields of treatment and study to our clinic to support the development and growth of expertise amongst Physiotherapists within our clinic as well as our therapists within our region.

Here you’ll find information on upcoming courses that we host at our Newmarket physiotherapy clinic.

September 8-9 2018 (2 Day Course)
A World of Hurt: Peripheral Neurogenic Pain Neural Entrapment to Neural Dysfunction Exercise Prescriptions.
Instructors: Annie O’Connor PT, OCS, Cert. MDT & Melissa Watson PT
Brief overview: This two-day course focuses information critical to the assessment and treatment of patients dominated by Nociceptive Pain Mechanisms involving the peripheral nerve. The Peripheral Neurogenic Pain Mechanism (PNPM) requires specific neurodynamic mechanical exercise prescriptions as well as pain science education about peripheral nerves and the pain alarm system. [more info]