Janice Senger

Janice Senger
Solution Focused Counsellor and Life Coach
Certificate, University of Toronto in Solution Focused Brief Therapy

I was once asked what my biggest motivator was; I responded PEOPLE!

After my family and friends my next love is meeting new people. I am empowered and inspired by them. I love hearing their stories, their struggles, their perspectives, their hopes and what drives them.

For the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with individuals from every aspect of the criminal justice system. This experience became a springboard for my desire to train and work as a Solution Focused Counsellor and Life Coach. Through my many conversations with colleagues and members of the public, it became clear that many were seeking direction and purpose in their lives. My journey of discovery led me to Solution Focused Work.

I obtained a certificate from the University of Toronto in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and am continuing my studies in Coaching using these same principles. In using these skills, I have had the opportunity to work with clients from the physiotherapy department at Southlake Regional Hospital. Many of these clients faced immense challenges and solution focused methods successfully helped them meet many of their goals.

This method of counselling and coaching is client centred, strength based and has an emphasis on the future. We focus on the client’s “preferred future” using their strengths, goals and previous successes. The work helps clients rediscover their dreams and helps them map out a new journey. It is built on the belief that small change can led to big change and the client possesses all they need within themselves to succeed.

I am so honoured to share this journey of revelation and change with my clients.