Combat Stress With A Massage

We all have stress in our lives. However, not all of us are able to successfully deal with stress and the negative effects it can cause. Massage Therapy is a useful tool to combat the effects of stress. Of the many benefits massage therapy offers, stress management is often looked at as one of the most important. Not only can massage therapy help with headaches, neck and back pain, joint and muscle pain, but also help reduce the amount of stress you endure by providing a relaxing therapy where your mind and body are at ease. The oxford dictionary defines “stress” as – a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Massage therapy can help reduce the amount of mental and emotional strain we all put on ourselves, which can help you get back to your daily routine.

There are several issues that can cause stress. Stress can be caused by personal situations such as, problems with your significant other, caring for a family member, daily hassles like traffic and schedules, the busy holiday season, major life events and of course your job! It is important to identify stress as soon as possible in order to take pre-emptive measures to limit the effects on body and mind. You will be able to cope with stress once you identify the problems behind it.

Stress becomes a problem when we are uncertain of how to effectively deal with such an event or situation. The way each of us copes with our issues, will have a large impact on the amount of stress we induce upon ourselves. Stress is difficult to detect, it cannot be seen and is challenging to diagnose.

Here are some symptoms of stress:

  • Feeling irritable and frustrated
  • Experiencing headaches, chest pains and tension in your neck, back or shoulders
  • Overeating, especially when you do not feel hungry
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling fatigued all the time

By no means is this an exhaustive list, there may be other symptoms of stress. It’s important to recognize these symptoms as soon as possible to take action which will help reduce the effects that stress can cause.

One solution to healthy stress management is a regularly scheduled massage therapy session. Massage therapy can help with the symptoms of stress by providing a calming, relaxing environment, where you can allow your body and mind to recover. Mental health plays a crucial part in allowing us to lead the lives we desire. Massage therapy has many positive effects on the body, such as; maintaining tissue health, reducing pain in over exerted muscles, increasing range of motion, increasing recovery time with injuries, increasing circulation, promoting great sleeping patterns, increased energy levels while improving physical performance and mental awareness.

Taking care of your body and mind should be at the top of your priorities. Introducing massage therapy to your routine can help you feel and look healthier. In my mind there is no better way to deal with the issues of stress. What better way to start or end your week, than a relaxing massage?