Nordic pole walking is a great total-body workout for people of all ages and all activity levels. Although the technique is easy to learn, you gain the most benefit by taking a few lessons with a certified instructor. At York Rehab we endorse the Nordixx brand walking poles, because of the unique design of the hand strap, which allows you to alternately grip and release the pole, thereby improving circulation and relaxation in the upper body.

Nordic pole walking can be done on sidewalks and trails, cross-country or on snow – even with skis or snowshoes. Join a group, a fund-raising team, take a buddy or walk solo – this is a flexible sport for everybody and anytime.

WHY POLE-WALKING? Nordic pole walking has many advantages over regular walking, including:

  • Uses 90% of all muscles in the body
  • Burns up to 46% more calories per hour than walking
  • Increases cardiovascular exercise
  • Reduces pressure on hips, knees and feet
  • Strengthens and tones the arms and core muscles
  • Promotes upright posture
  • Improves neck and back pain
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Poles assist with balance

WHO BENEFITS? Everyone can benefit from the exercise of Nordic pole walking. Some examples:

  • Competitive cross-country skiers use Nordic pole walking for off-season training
  • Hikers & backpackers use poles for added stability and weight-distribution
  • Seniors can use Nordic poles for a safer yet more effective workout
  • People with sore knees, hips or feet can walk farther with less pain
  • After lower extremity injury or surgery – start walking exercise sooner and go farther
  • Parkinson’s – helps with mobility by encouraging rhythmic, total body movement
  • Fitness walkers use poles for higher level cardiovascular workout and faster calorie burn


  • Hand strap allows the upper extremity to alternately contract/relax, improving circulation and preventing repetitive strain
  • Strong, lightweight, quality product
  • Adjustable length to fit anyone
  • Rubber feet for sidewalks; metal spikes for trails; snow baskets for winter
  • “Traveler” model collapses for packing in luggage