Auto Accident – How to get treatment
With the growing demands on our health care system in Ontario, some people do not get the treatment they need in the early days following an auto accident, and consequently experience delays in recovery. This does not need to happen, if you understand your rights following an auto accident.

How do I know if I am covered?

If you have valid auto insurance at the time of the auto accident, then you are covered for treatment at York Rehab. Call us! Research shows that the sooner you start treatment, the faster you recover.

Do I need to see my doctor first?

We are happy to receive referrals from physicians, but you do not need to see your doctor first if that would mean a delay in your treatment. A physiotherapist can examine you in the early days following an auto accident, and will refer you back to your physician if he or she feels that you need medication, x-rays or other tests.

Do I need to wait for the claim forms to arrive in the mail?

If you have called your insurance agent and reported the accident, you do not need to wait for your insurance company to send you claim forms before starting treatment for injuries. If your insurance policy was in effect at the time of the auto accident, you are covered.

Do I have to see the insurance company’s “Preferred Provider”?

You have the right to see the health care provider of your choice. Some insurance companies have “Preferred Providers” for healthcare. These companies do not have special expertise; what they do have is a contract with the insurance company. You have the right to say: “Thank you but I’d rather see my therapist at York Rehab!”