Susan Thiessen, PT

Susan Thiessen, PT
Registered Physiotherapist
Acupuncture, McKenzie MDT, Vestibular Rehab

I graduated from McGill University in 1977 and have been practicing in the orthopaedic physiotherapy field since then. There isn’t much I haven’t seen before, yet I continue to learn something new every day. Over the years I have worked in rehabilitation centers, acute-care hospitals, out-patient physiotherapy departments and for the past 17 years, in private practice at York Rehab.

A founding partner and managing director at York Rehab, I have my hand in both clinical practice and administration. My management philosophy is to find the best people and set them free to do what they do best, assisting as necessary. This has worked wonderfully at York Rehab, as we have such a talented and dedicated team of professional associates!

Clinically, I have taken gazillions of orthopaedic and sports therapy post-graduate courses over the years, including Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Taping, McKenzie Therapy, Vestibular Therapy and Neurodynamics courses to name a few. I am certified in acupuncture (AFCI) and credentialed in McKenzie Therapy (MDT). A special area of focus is Vestibular Therapy, including treatment of BPPV and other causes of vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance.

I love learning and enjoy teaching my patients how to help themselves. I approach physiotherapy with the same philosophy as parenting: You know you have done your job well when they don’t need you anymore!
I also love the outdoors in all seasons – skiing, biking, hiking, paddling, swimming.

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