Clean Up Your Family Fitness Routine for Spring

The weather is starting to warm up, once again making it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors. Some of you have been tough enough to brave the cold and enjoy the outdoor activities but for those less tolerant of the sub-degree temperatures, it’s time to start taking advantage of the thaw. Here are a few simple ideas that can offer you some family fitness while also enjoying a little time with loved ones. So go outside and PLAY!

The trails are re-emerging now that the snow is disappearing. Take the family for a walk or a bike ride to re-discover spring. Enjoy the early stages of the grass going green and maybe play a game of “spot the new buds” that are starting to pop out. A hike or bike ride will provide some benefits like building endurance, strengthening legs, and improving cardiovascular fitness for the entire family.

Join a Local Park Cleanup
When you and the rest of the family volunteer for a park cleanup you’ll make a difference in your community. And you’ll enjoy the added benefit of getting some exercise and enjoying plenty of sun (which equals a nice dose of vit D).

Find a Walking Group
Find a local walking group. Almost every community has one. You and your family might just discover some new places that are off the beaten track. The kids will feel like explorers. And the fresh air will do wonders for everyone’s lungs while the movement builds your legs and heart health – and you’ll burn a few calories that can take away from your bottom-line (literally).

Participate in a Run for Charity
Spring is a popular time for local charity events that promote walking, running or cycling. You’ll be helping a causing, meeting new people and staying active. It’s a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness because you’ll be moving with the crowd and likely doing more and going further than you would on your own.

Start a Garden
Gardening is always fun for little ones. Not only do they love getting dirty but they bask in the anticipation of the waiting for the seeds to grow. The benefits of gardening are tenfold because it’s never just a one-time activity – you have to keep going back for more. Whether it’s to maintain (or weed), watering, harvesting or checking out the progress for curiosity sake – you’ll return to your garden very regularly. Each visit to your garden is equal to the same amount of time away from your couch!!

So spring up and GO!!

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