Celebrating 25 Years in Business

It’s been 25 years since we opened our doors.  We are so proud and grateful to arrive at this milestone.  25-years in existence is an accomplishment for any business regardless of what type.  It’s a long time…a quarter-century!  In that time a baby becomes a university graduate.  A field grows into a forest.  First encounters can become lifelong relationships.  Mobile phones turn into powerful smartphones.  Cars can learn to drive themselves, and without gas!  Driving to rent a movie evolves into selecting a movie from your couch with a few clicks.  A penny can become obsolete.  Memories of Mario Lemieux are replaced by Connor McDavid.  You get the picture…a lot can change and despite all of that, York Rehab has continued to welcome and treat patients year after year.

We too have grown and changed as a chiropody and physiotherapy practice.  In the last 5 years alone, we’ve completed another round of modernizing equipment, acquired new treatment technology and gained additional square footage for a Fitness Studio and to host Professional Training Courses (attendees coming from across Canada and the US).  The clinic underwent a major renovation 2 years ago.  We are still very excited about the clinic’s facelift – it’s brighter, the number of private rooms has increased and we just love the colour of the walls.  If you’ve experienced our new look, don’t be shy to compliment – we enjoy hearing “the love” every single time.

Shiny and new is nice but our growth and success are more than just about new flooring and paint.  Over the last several years we have grown our pursuit of excellence in learning and applying the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).  A method of treatment where once the therapist identifies the cure, education can guide a patient in their own self-care leading towards a more rapid recovery and lower healthcare costs.  Another exciting development is that we now have an onsite Certified Lymphedema Therapist.  Lymphedema a chronic condition that can cause significant discomfort and disability, is poorly understood.  Those who it affects have a difficult time accessing treatment, often leading to more serious complications.  Early treatment greatly reduces the likelihood of poor outcomes.  We continue to focus on building awareness and access to treatment.

Over the lifespan of our business, there have been many changes but there have also been important things that have remained unchanged.  We are incredibly proud of constants like:

  • One-to-one patient/therapist ratio.  Our therapists are hands-on; the therapist delivers all aspects of treatment.  The treating Physio always sees exactly how you are responding allowing them to modify and progress treatment so that you see optimal results.
  • One of our guiding principles when it comes to treatment is safe but efficient recovery – we aim to treat you in as short a time frame as possible so you can get back to what you enjoy.  Efficient, effective patient recovery is our focus, not billing to max out your health insurance coverage.
  • Our treatment area includes curtained and fully enclosed rooms – full privacy for a patient is always an option.
  • Our facility has all the exercise equipment one would need to recover from an injury – we are a one-stop shop.
  • We are a multi-disciplinary clinic: Physiotherapy, Chiropody, Occupational Therapy and Massage Therapy.

Our 25+ years in business can be summed up in two words – Incredibly Grateful.  We are so appreciative of our staff, our community and most importantly – our patients.  We are honoured to be serving the welcoming and friendly community of Newmarket (and surrounding areas).

In celebration of our 25th anniversary we are launching a prize draw for our past and present patients.  We’ll be drawing for prizes over the next 8 weeks.  The prizes are geared towards promoting movement and recovery.  Winners will be announced weekly via our Facebook page.  No action is required from you – if you receive this email you are included in the draw.  Good luck.  Note: draw is not open to York Rehab staff or their immediate family.

In celebration of our 25th anniversary we are launching a prize draw for our past and present patients.  We’ll be drawing for prizes over the next 8 weeks (Late Dec 2022 – Early Feb 2023).  The prizes are geared towards promoting movement and recovery.  Winners will be announced weekly via our Facebook page.  No action is required from you – if you receive this email you are included in the draw.  Good luck.  Note: draw is not open to York Rehab staff or their immediate family. Full “Terms & Conditions of the Celebration Draw can be found here.

Our most sincere thanks for your business and support over the years.

Ann & Glenn

Movement is Good Medicine

Note: if you are not used to regular exercise, before beginning any new workout routine, it is important to CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR OR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL.

Moving is the best thing you can do for your mind, body and soul.  It provides a level of healing, sustenance and wellness that few things can compete with.  We encourage our patients to move not just as a path to recovery but to employ it as a sustainable way for developing/maintaining strength and for general mental wellness.  This is not new information for our readers, but the general practice by most does not include integrating movement into our lives daily in a meaningful way.  We know moving is good for us, so why do so many of us neglect to move?

We Take Movement for Granted

We miss it most when it’s gone.  We tend to only remember that movement is a privilege when we get injured.  We are reminded of the luxury of being able to walk when we sprain an ankle, injure a knee or pull a hamstring.  Or how important fingers are, only after we sprain one of them.  Or how dependent we are on our back when strain or exertion from the day before makes it hard to sit up to get out of bed.  There are countless instances where we are reminded of how important our bodies are not just to compete in sport but for everyday living.

What’s at Stake?

One thing is certain, the less we move now, over time than can translate into a decrease in our ability to move comfortably for everyday living.  Everyday things like getting up from a chair, bending to pick up a box, putting on your socks, walking up steps, going down onto the floor.  Whether you decide to move more or move less the effects will compound over time.  Just like compounding interest, a little can grow into a lot.  Investing in daily movement now will compound over time into building strength, heart health, improved mental wellness, lowering stress, minimizing joint pain, weight management, improved sleep, better balance and more brainpower.  The reverse also holds, less movement will create the reverse effects with the same benefits just shared.  And the effects can sneak up on you unexpectedly – coughing too hard throws out your back, you pull a hamstring running to catch a bus, etc.

So How Can We Move More?

If you’re interested in adding more movement into your day, be deliberate and create a plan.  Start with figuring out what your goal is:

  • Strengthening and muscle building
  • Weight-loss
  • Mental Wellness
  • Improved Health
  • Recovering from injury
  • Improving or sustaining general health

Once you’ve identified your goal(s), it’s time to design a plan.  Planning includes what type of activity you are going to do when you are going to do it, and whether you need some support (a friend or a trainer).  The type of activity you decided on should be in alignment with your goal.  For example, if you’re interested in sustaining your fitness level, 30 mins of daily activity can do the trick.  But, if you are interested in strengthening or losing weight, you’ll need a larger time commitment (approx. 60 – 90 mins), at least 3 times a week.

To Build a Habit of Movement…Start Simple

If incorporating more movement/activity into your day, is a new thing for you start with simple steps.  For example, don’t set a goal of running in a marathon in 3 months and schedule 30-minute runs 5 days a week.  Instead, begin with basic movement like a 25-minute brisk walk every other day and build from there.  If you prefer to walk inside you can check out Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone on Youtube.  If building strength is the goal, it won’t be safe to start with 60-minute workouts lifting heavy weights.  Begin with a 10 to 15-minute workout relying solely on body-weight – you can YouTube “HIIT workout”, “Calisthenics”, or “Full body workout, no equipment” for ideas and motivation (there are many videos to chose from).

Tips to Help You Succeed

  1. Each day that you complete your activity, note it on your calendar.  You’ll be able to turn to it for motivation once you start to see the checkmarks adding up.
  2. Dress for success.  The right attire can make you feel good and encourage you to stay active.
  3. Be comfortable with uncomfortable.  As you transition into new activity and challenge your body, it may not always be enjoyable – no problem, understand that’s normal and embrace a bit of discomfort. (Note: if you feel pain, stop the movement and consult a healthcare provider).
  4. Schedule your activity.  Give yourself a specific time of day that you plan to move and commit to it.
  5. Remember the why.  Write down your goal and the reasons why so that you can refer to your notes from time to time for added motivation and encouragement.

Good Luck as You Work to Move More

Remember movement is good medicine.  So, use it so you don’t lose it.

Disclaimer: Understand that when performing any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in any activity or exercise that’s referenced on the yorkrehab.com website, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in any such activity, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge York Rehab from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of any content provided or referred to.  The information provided on yorkrehab.com is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance, diagnosis or treatment.  You should not delay pursuing medical advice because of something you have read on this website.  York Rehab (yorkrehab.com) is not responsible or liable for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, that appears throughout yorkrehab.com.  If questions arise from any content that appears or is referred to on yorkrehab.com you are encouraged to consult a medical professional such as your doctor.

We Are Welcoming Patients Again

June 10th, 2020 – We are welcoming patients back to our clinic, although remaining at home is the best way to stay safe. However, if you feel a visit to the clinic is necessary at this time and the benefits outweigh the risk, call to make an appointment.  We want you to know we are doing everything we can to keep you safe.

Every Visitor to the Clinic will be Screen for Covid-19 Symptoms

If you are experiencing any symptoms of covid-19, please cancel your appointment.

If you are coming to the clinic, please come within 5 minutes of your arranged time.  Avoid coming too early as we are doing our best to avoid having more than one person in our waiting room.    Please do not bring anyone with you for your appointment unless absolutely necessary.

What to expect when you arrive

We want you to know our inside door is locked.  It allows us to screen visitors before they enter the clinic.  This also helps us ensure we don’t have too many people in the waiting room at once.

When you book your first appointment, we will screen you for covid-19 symptoms.  At each onsite visit, we will require you to complete a questionnaire so we can screen for symptoms.  Please give that to your clinician during your appointment.

Before you enter the clinic, you can call from your vehicle to ensure you clinician is ready and your room has been cleaned in preparation for you to enter.

New patients will receive an intake form which can be completed in your car if you wish.

How We Are Keeping You Safe

We have separate rooms, allowing you to stay a safe distance from other people.

All staff are wearing masks.  We require everyone entering the clinic to have a mask or face covering. 

Our front reception has plexiglass to provide a screen for your safety. 

We are asking people to keep physically distanced.  As you are aware, treatment requires your clinician to stand closer than 6 feet but we are taking every precaution we can to keep you safe.

We are asking people not to touch anything in the clinic unless it is needed for your treatment.  Everything will be cleaned once it is touched. 

The washroom will be cleaned after each use; if you use the washroom please advise us after.

We have significantly spaced our appointments out to ensure we have time to clean the room and supplies between patients.

Virtual Care Reminder

As an alternative to visiting our clinic for treatment, patients are able to book an online treatment session (Virtual Care) with a Physiotherapist where the entire appointment is conducted remotely.  This allows you to remain in the safety and comfort of your home.

Thank you for your patience during this time.  Our goal is to continue to provide the best treatment while keeping both staff and all visitors to the clinic safe.

Clinic Update

May 15th, 2020 – The following communication was circulated via email.

Update: Lymphedema Treatment, Virtual Care and Covid-19

Dear Patients

We hope you are keeping safe, healthy and practicing the guidelines issued by the health authorities.  The war against this pandemic can only be won if we each do our part being rigorous with our hand hygiene, maintain proper distancing and stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out.  We would also like to extend a huge heartfelt thanks to the frontline and essential workers who continue to risk their well-being as well as their family members as they bravely continue to show up for us…THANK YOU!

Our clinic continues to remain closed, only servicing urgent care patients.  However, we have expanded our treatment capability allowing us to offer Virtual Care as an online option – that’s right, you can now receive treatment from the comfort of your home.  It’s completely secure, all done online and is covered by your private health insurance.  If you’re interested, contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll assess your case to determine your options.

Our team now includes a Lymphedema Certified Therapist.  Lymphedema is a disease that results in extreme swelling, usually in an arm or leg (one-sided).  This is caused by dysfunctional lymph nodes which are located in the armpits, neck and groin.  Your lymphatic system is tasked with immune function and circulation. Lymph vessels move fluid out of tissues and break down and eliminate waste products.  If this process isn’t working properly the buildup of lymph fluid occurs resulting in chronic and severe swelling that can increase without proper treatment at the onset.  You can learn more via our website.

Lastly, our professional associations support the recommendations issued by our health authorities where physical distancing must be optimized so we anticipate not re-opening before the beginning of June, pending word from the Premier.  However, for “non-urgent” care you can contact us to discuss the options available to you through our Virtual Care.

As we navigate through this unprecedented situation, please continue to maintain the guidelines put forth by the health authorities and reach out to someone if this experience is taking a toll.  We wish you strength and wellness and hope that we can all return to some semblance of normalcy soon.

York Rehab Management.

Clinic Update #2

Tuesday March 17th, 2020 – 7am: Services Temporarily Suspended (Precautionary)

Dear Patients,

We continue to closely monitor developments as they relate to the coronavirus (covid-19) situation.  Our clinic is staffed by Physiotherapists and Chiropodists.  The professional associations and/or governing bodies for each of our practices have issued strong recommendations that as a precautionary measure, all non-essential and elective services be suspended immediately.  In response to this directive, our clinic has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend patient services effective March 17th, 2020.

If you require urgent care, do not hesitate to contact reception from 8am to 4pm at 905-715-7201 to discuss your options (Covid-19 screening still applies).

Our wish is that we are doing our part to support social distancing which can flatten the curve in the spread of this virus. 

This may be a stressful time for you.  Educate yourself by following reputable sources for information on this situation such as the Ontario Ministry of Health or similar government bodies.  Do remember to wash your hands frequently and carefully (even while inside your home), sanitize your phone, clean doorknobs and latches regularly and speak to someone if you’re worried or stressed.  We are all in this together.  Stay healthy and safe.  We will continue to issue updates on our status as the need arises.

York Rehab Management