FREE Nordixx Seminar at York Rehab Newmarket Physiotherapy Clinic

The York Rehab Physiotherapy Clinic in Newmarket hosted a FREE Seminar on Tuesday October 1, 2013 at 7pm.

It was a motivating talk about the benefits of walking and Nordixx pole walking. Guest speaker: The president and founder of Nordixx poles, Klaus Schwanbeck.

Nordic pole walking is walking using 2 poles and it provides a safe low impact exercise. When using Nordic poles for walking you use more muscle groups and burn more calories than walking alone. Nordic pole walking has been proven by studies worldwide to have benefits for various health problems and chronic diseases. The seminar will be lead by Klaus, a leading authority in fitness, wellness and the Canadian Walking Academy. He will discuss the importance of exercise and the benefits of using the Nordic poles with your walking program.

Thanks to all those who attended and bought poles. Happy pole walking! If you would like more information on Nordixx Pole Walking please contact Ann Botham at 905 715-7201 or

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