5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Physiotherapy Clinic

If you’re in need of a Physiotherapist in Newmarket you’re obviously going to want to find a therapist that will provide great treatment. The way you usually find a reputable Physiotherapist, is by finding a reputable clinic. With so many clinics out there, how do you find a “good” one? Every clinic will likely say they are a “good” clinic, but “good” can be subjective. Here are 5 objective considerations to help you find a physiotherapy clinic in Newmarket (or your local area) that will provide you with reputable treatment.

Convenient Hours
Putting the patient first is a good sign that you’ll be receiving proper treatment. One of the ways of putting the patient first is by offering early morning and evening appointments. The convenience of coming before or after work can be a huge benefit for those who badly need treatment but don’t have the flexibility to make an appointment during their work day. Our Newmarket physiotherapy clinic offers appointments as early as 8:00am and as late as 7:30pm. In addition to convenience, quality care also requires time – some clinics see patients in 15-minute blocks. Our physiotherapists complete 1-hour initial assessments, with 30 min follow up appointments.

Private Treatment Rooms
Having a private room allows you to: feel comfortable working with the physiotherapist; discuss your condition candidly and ask questions without fear of being overheard; learn your recovery exercises in privacy and allows focused (distraction free) interaction with your therapist. While private rooms are not standard at all clinics, they are available at York Rehab’s Newmarket physio clinic.

Ethical Billing
This means developing a treatment plan and schedule based on the needs of your condition, not your available coverage. Some clinics unethically design treatment plans around maximizing a patient’s coverage. Rather than scheduling the maximum number of visits that your coverage allows, York Rehab assesses your condition and develops a treatment plan to meet your needs. This practice saves you from unnecessary treatment sessions and means if you sustain another injury or re-injure yourself, you might still have coverage available.

Registered Physiotherapists
Beware, there are facilities that market themselves as offering physio (i.e. recovery exercises). However, that is not the same as being treated by a registered physiotherapist. Before you begin any type of treatment it’s important to have a thorough assessment completed by a licensed physiotherapist. This will prevent injury and speed up your recovery. All the physiotherapists at our Newmarket physiotherapy clinic are licensed physiotherapists.

One-on-One Ratio
Every appointment at York Rehab is exclusively delivered by a physiotherapist. Some clinics book multiple patients into a single time slot with one physiotherapist. In this scenario, the therapist makes and initial appearance then hands over the patient to a physio assistant. The assistant might then administer a treatment such as ultrasound or electric shock therapy, while the physiotherapist steps away to see another patient(s). Although an assistant is capable of administering such treatment, the patient is better served by the presence of a physiotherapist who can directly observe how the patient is receiving treatment and be available to answer questions or concerns the patient may be having during their recovery process – an assistant is not permitted to provide any type of medical consultation.

If you have any questions about the above list or you would like to book an appointment feel free to give us a call, we’d be happy to assist in whatever way we can.

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