Add These 6 Things to Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner and between holiday parties and family functions, your fitness and healthy living choices may take a back seat to all the “excess”. Plus all of the social demands on your time can make sticking to a regular fitness routine difficult. But by asking Santa for the right gifts, you may be able to keep your fitness goals on track this holiday season.

Here is a cheat sheet of some inexpensive, yet effective fitness gifts to put on your wish list:

Yoga mat and yoga block
Some of the benefits of practicing yoga include increased flexibility, reduced stress, improved sleep and boosted immunity. While you don’t need to practice yoga in a fancy studio to reap these benefits, you do need a yoga mat. A yoga mat cushions your hands and feet and provides a non-stick practice surface. A must for any aspiring yogi!

If you think yoga poses are beyond your range of flexibility or strength, consider asking for a yoga block. Yoga blocks are brick shaped props made of cork, wood or hard foam that raise the floor to your hands of feet; therefore, helping make yoga poses easier and safer for beginners with limited flexibility or those experiencing reduced mobility.

Activity Tracker App
Downloading an activity tracker app, such as The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game or Zombies, Run! could be the inspiration you need to stay active. These apps immerse you in a story and provide you with a mission, which is finished by completing a specific distance or duration of activity. If you are not interested in participating in the story on a daily basis, the apps can also track your step count and distance covered.

Wish you could keep walking, hiking and running outdoors this winter? But are worried about the possibility of slipping on icy sidewalks or trails? Then consider asking for a pair of IceTraxx to help increase traction and help prevent slips or falls on snow and ice. IceTraxx fit easily on most styles of boots or shoes without snaps, straps or buckles and will allow you to continue training outdoors this winter. These are available at our Newmarket physiotherapy clinic and affordably priced at $10.00 per pair.

It is pretty common to see a contraption with yellow and black straps hanging from the ceiling of your gym, but you may not be sure what it is. The TRX Suspension Trainer relies on gravity and your body-weight to provide a total body workout. With just one training tool you can complete a variety of exercises that will increase your heart rate and build strength. TRX is compact, lightweight and when used with a specialized door attachment can be used while traveling or at home.

A workout buddy
Include a “I need a fitness buddy” on your wish list this year. It would be wonderful if you were gifted a like-minded friend or family member to join you on your fitness journey towards pursuing a healthier lifestyle together. You could agree to meet at the gym a couple of nights a week, play squash together on the weekends, swim laps at the local community center before work, go for walks on your lunch break, sign up to take a kickboxing class together – the list of options is endless! No matter what you choose, exercising with someone else is a sure-fire way to stay motivated and committed to workout.

Workout attire
Now that you have exercise equipment and a workout partner, you need clothes to wear. From sports bras to shorts, to funny T-shirts to yoga pants, there are tons of clothing options to help you feel good during your workout. Plus having stylish workout gear may help get you in the mood to exercise and can help boost your confidence.

So there you have it, 6 Christmas gift ideas to help keep your fitness goals on track this holiday season and well into the New Year. If you’re looking for a fitness class, our Newmarket physiotherapy clinic offers different exercise classes in our Fitness Studio.

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