Certification in Neuro-Developmental Treatment

Samantha is now certified in the NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) approach which extends beyond receiving training in this hands-on, problem solving approach to treating clients with neurological challenges.
NDT Certified Therapists receive intensive post graduate training which includes successful completion of an NDTA Approved certificate course, and are held to meeting specific continuing education standards set by the NDTA organization. This continuing education process insures that the therapist is using current NDT theory, methods and techniques into their practice when treating a client.

The therapist’s education in neurology, physiology and current research (I.e. new models, theories, information in movement sciences, motor learning) is translated into daily practice to progress the client through a process of ongoing assessment to achieve positive functional outcomes quickly and efficiently. This comprehensive NDT approach utilizes specialized clinical training to assess and identify a client’s strengths and impairments and treat them in relation to their functional abilities and limitations.

For more information on the NDT approach please refer to the NDTA website at www.ndta.org.

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